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Follow A Healthy Diet

Thank you for visiting Follow a Healthy Our custom approach gives you methods to create a health plan/menu that incorporates scientific principles with human realities and strategies for Optimal Results. We can work remotely or with safety precautions at your location or nearby café due to Health concerns.

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We are committed to promoting "Wellness" and improving your Health by providing proven methods for conditions and preventative approaches.



Founded by Sara Matthews MS, RDN in 2008 to establish programs for nutrition - diet, dance, yoga/stretch, aerobics, etc.

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Sara is a counselor and speaker for health and nutrition sessions and seminars: "Health and Well being in the Workplace", "Exercise/Yoga 101-110", "Get Smart about Brain Health", "Frustration Free - Gluten Free", "Going For it - Getting in Shape for your Everyday and Beyond", Safety and Sanitation in the workplace/kitchen.


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Follow a Healthy Diet offers a complete program focusing on your health and wellness.

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Sara attends EXPO WEST annually. She stays up to date with heath education and info as an RDN for over 18 years.

Follow A Healthy Diet

If you are interested in improving your wellness and health through the professional guidance of a dietitian, or upon the advice of your doctor, please contact us to schedule your first session. Available most afternoons and evenings.

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